It’s nothing new. But it’s revolutionary. An all-in-one toilets that is low-cost and easy to buy.

Solving the sanitation crisis

In 2010, more than 75% of Cambodia’s rural population was defecating outdoors. Near the rice and vegetable fields. By the rivers and lakes. Thousands of children died every year from contaminated food and drinking water. We needed to make a change. We needed a smart design that would get people buying toilets.

Winner of the
Fast Company International Design
Excellence Award

Looking beyond the product

Our final design looks like many other toilets. A pan, a chamber box, a pipe and receptacle. We didn’t change the design. We revolutionized the way it’s purchased. More affordable than ever, our pour-flush toilet can now be purchased in one-stop shops across Cambodia. Easy to purchase. Quick to install.

Watch how the toilet is made